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202006221842 Frogs in a Rice Paddy by a Road

Title: 202006221842 Frogs in a Rice Paddy by a Road
Recordist: Timothy Hall
Date: 202006221842
Recorder: Sound Devices MixPre-6 mk1
Microphone: Davinci Head mk2
Technique: Binaural Stereo
Location: Sakamoto, Shiga, Japan
GPS: 35.075152, 135.871114
Source: https://timothyhall.org
Aporee: https://aporee.org/maps/work/?loc=49880
Content: binaural, head, hrtf, frog, road, wind, rice, field, paddy, japan, old man, children, cars, traffic, ambiance, 2020, summer, sakakmoto, shiga, kansai

20180801 – Mini Culvert and Bird Chirps

Date: 20180801
Content: Mini Culvert and Bird Chirps
Recorder: Zoom H2n
Microphone: 2-channel surround (Onboard H2n)
Camera: Canon PowerShot S120
Location: Otsu, Shiga, Japan
GPS: 35.066917, 135.874306
Weather: Calm, clear, 34°C